Domestic Violence Awareness Month Letter Writing Event

Cards for Criminalized Survivors Event Poster copy

Accessibility Information

The event is free. Food and drinks will be provided.
Transportation & Parking: McGruder is accessible by bus routes 22, 25, and 42. Parking is available in the open lot to the right of the front entrance. There is additional parking on the street.
Childcare: Childcare will not be provided, however, children are welcome in the space and coloring supplies and games will be made available.
Restrooms: There are gendered and gender-neutral bathrooms.
Wheelchair Access: There are a few steps to the front entrance and no ramp. There is a lift that can be accessed from a side entrance, however, it is not reliable. There are no steps to get to the room or gendered bathrooms once inside but there are steps and a lift to get to the gender-neutral bathrooms.
Fragrances: McGruder is not scent-free. If you can, please avoid wearing perfumes, colognes or essential oils.

If you have any dietary restrictions or any additional accessibility questions or needs, please contact: songnashville@gmail.com